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International Women’s Day in Nicaragua! 

March 8th, 2016|0 Comments

Since 2011 INTAKE has been celebrating women in the arts trough a concert on International Women’s day. A lot of our audiences in the United States were not aware of this important date of the influence of women composers, performers, and artists.


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To provide quality music education through the use of native instruments that foster improved academic performance


To provide quality music education through the use of native instruments including the charango, marimba, and native percussion, as well as classical violin and viola that foster improved academic performance. Learn More!


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With humbleness and gratitude, we share with our friends and supporters the exciting news that First Lady Michelle Obama recognized INTAKE as Finalist in the 2016 National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award.
Con humildad y agradecimiento compartimos, nuestro amable público, la grata noticia que la Primera Dama Michelle Obama, reconoció a INTAKE como finalista a nivel nacional como uno de los “Mejores Programas para jóvenes en las Artes y las Humanidades”.
The INTAKE Organization is a Stamford-based non-profit arts organization that promotes music education through multiculturalism and native instruments. Founded in 2011, INTAKE envisions a new cultural and musical world where the future generations of concert audiences truly reflect our society and are able to experience classical music in its traditional form as well as through the «voices» of their own and of other cultures. The organization’s mission is:
To make classical music relevant to a variety of communities through the use of native instruments, interpretations, and cultural awareness.

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We envision a world where classical music is relevant to people of all cultural backgrounds and represents the diverse communities it serves.
Our mission is to improve the quality of life for opportunity youth by providing access to quality classical music education through the use of native instruments that represent diverse cultural backgrounds We strive to increase learning proficiency through educational and learning programs that leverage the discipline of classical music, and addressing our community audiences through public performances, community outreach events, and cultural advocacy.
We are committed to preserving and passing on classical music and native instruments to people from multiple cultures, and bringing our communities together through education.