TOMORROW! First Fundraiser event for 2013: Fashion Show of Ethnic Costumes and Native Instruments.

Dear INTAKE Family members:

I couldn’t be happier about the enthusiasm of our participants and audiences, as we wait for the big day, tomorrow Sunday Feb. 24th at 3PM: Fashion Show of Ethnic Costumes and Native Instruments!

Angelica Durrell with mother, Maricarmen Godoy, wearing a native outfit from Pijal (Province of Imbabura-Ecuador). Circa 1994.

As I reflect back on my childhood years (having lived in Ecuador until I was seven years old); these types of events with native outfits where normal happenings that occurred every year at every school in Quito-Ecuador.

This was a very important value about celebrating and rescuing our cultural heritage, that was seeded in me at this early age: directly or indirectly. It was at that young age that I learned about the different colored skirts, hats, and shawls that native indigenous people from regions of Ecuador wore as part of their then ‘uniforms’ and everyday-outfits. And it is now that I have come to realize that such ‘uniforms’ were historically imposed or presented by Spanish conquistadors to differentiate regions and their people. Each and every one of them, with a rich cultural tradition.

Being able to bring this concept through INTAKE, and to our Stamford families and beyond, is a wonderful feeling and a truly exciting moment for me. I have seen the faces of our participating children and the shine in their eyes as they proudly tell me that they are representing Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Venezuela, Guatemala, Portugal, Poland, United States and many other countries. I have seen their parents’ care of ensuring that every detail of these outfits is addressed and that their cultural backgrounds is represented with great pride and accuracy. I have seen the reactions of our audience members as they have something to look forward to and await for this big day with a sense of pride and interest in sharing and rescuing their cultural heritage with a larger community. And I have seen the dedication of our INTAKE team, as we prepare for what is to be a unique evening of culture, talent native instruments, classical cultural traditions, and family joy.

Angelica Durrell with a “montubio” little man, from the coast of Ecuador.

We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow, Sunday February 24th at 3PM at Stamford High School Auditorium. 55 Strawberry Hill Av.

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