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     INTAKE’s Native Instrument Collection includes   one of these beautiful instruments, with your help, we could expand our bow-harp collection soon!

 Alur Adungu (harp) ensemble using a diatonic tuning. Song title unknown. Performed by Naguru Dakiri Ber Nebbi Community Cultural Group and recorded by Wade Patterson, Glendon Jones, Chris Zimmerman and Okello Kelo Sam outside of Kampala in late 1994.

At Intake, we bring an innovative approach to classical music by focusing on its interpretation through the use of native instruments from a variety of cultures representing local communities in diaspora. We strive to increase classical music audiences through public performances, educational workshops, community outreach events, and cultural advocacy. 

We envision a new cultural and musical world where the future generations of concert audiences truly reflect our society and are able to experience classical music in its traditional form as well as through the “voices” of their own and of other cultures. 

Afro-ecuadorian musicians perform exclusively for INTAKE Organization’s crew visiting Ecuador during the summer of 2012.  “Carpuela”, by Milton Tadeo. Instrumentation includes leaf whistlers, dried squash seed, and percussion.

To learn more about our native instrument collection and our new programming promoting classical music and native cultures, visit us at:
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The Sphinx Virtuosi perform Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson’s Sinfonietta No. 1, mvt. III live at Central Michigan University. Sphinx Organization promotes diversity in classical music, focusing on young Back and Latin American string players.

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