Fantastic job in such a short time! You have brought joy to children, their parents, and the whole community as well as strengthened ties between the Americas.

Mrs. Diane Rogers Montgomery
Congratulations on a most successful event today. I was honored to be a part of it. I loved the mix of music your presented, and the warm, embracing environment you created; everyone felt welcomed and included. I wish you all the best in your future projects. Cordially,
Mrs. Rosa Melendez
Hello Angie… A very big congratulations to you for being such a positive and energized organizer–I know you will do many great things.
Laura Kaminsky Composer
Angie, Lynn forwared your email to me. It was a pleasure to see you as well. The idea of combining native instruments and music to classical music is out of this world. Keep up your good work.
Katie Schlaikjer, Colorado String Quartet
Dear Angie, Congratulations on your wonderful event today. I was happy we were part of the concert, and I was happy to see New Haven again (I lived there 1997−2004), and know that its efforts in community-building endure to this day, and beyond. You were so gracious in your remarks, and in all the presentation. Thank you so much
William H. Placke