Reflections on SphinxCon: INTAKE sheds a new meaning to diversity…

Angelica Durrell, INTAKE Founder and Artistic Director, with María López de León, from the National Association of Latinos Arts and Culture; and Dinorah Marquez, from Latino Arts at Milwaukee.

From our artistic director’s blog:

Inaugural SphinxCon- Feb. 2013

Dear friends:
As you may all know, my life has been positively influenced and transformed through the power of diversity in classical music. It is through a wonderful organization, Sphinx, that I have been mentored and guided into finding my voice within myself… defining what diversity means to me, and defining a mission and vision in  life.
In 6 powerful letters, it is known as INTAKE! And I am more than honored to continue learning and preparing myself towards accomplishing OUR mutual vision of making classical music relevant among local communities through the use of native instruments that represent our cultural backgrounds.
Thanks for joining me on this journey, and take a look at my latest adventure at the inaugural SphinxConference that just took place this past weekend in Detroit, Michigan (pictures on our social media pages, Facebook and Twitter).
Be sure that all these experiences will have a positive impact on INTAKE’s programming and broader plans. The best is still yet to come and we are thrilled to count with your support. WE ARE INTAKE!
-Angie Durrell


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