Philip Berns

Philip Berns
Attorney at Law.
Stamford, CT

Attorney Philip Berns was a Peace Corps volunteer in Ecuador for one year and also served in Haiti for two years. Berns is fluent in both Spanish and Haitian-Creole. He studied law at Cornell University, and limits his practice almost exclusively to obtaining permanent-resident statuses for people based on family relationships and some specialized laws for Central American and Caribbean countries.
Since opening an office in 1996, Berns dedicated many hours each week to working at the national level for comprehensive immigration reform, including most recently campaigning for passage of the Kennedy/McCain bill and The DREAM Act. At the state level Berns has worked to get in-state tuition for immigrant students brought to this country at young ages and for immigrants to be able to get driver’s licenses.

At the local level, he works to assist day laborers in having a center where they can wait out of the rain and cold, getting assistance in getting paid by contractors, and teaching them English language courses.