Our Objectives

  • To make music education relevant, accessible, and inclusive, so that all children have equal opportunity to achieve success;
  • To unlock the potential of our next generation of artists, professionals and leaders, so that they can lead productive lives and achieve economic integration;
  • To create an environment for meaningful cross-cultural exchanges that foster cultural equity and that benefit the entire community, raising its awareness of the rich cultural diversity that exists within our region and helping to preserve it;
  • To deliver high-quality, high-impact music education that reflects and deeply penetrates the communities we serve and that empowers our students to achieve artistic excellence;
  • To broaden and deepen our students' knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of classical music, through music education and performance;
  • To intervene early, through a youth-development strategy that pinpoints our students’ academic struggles and brings together teachers, school administrators/counselors, qualified volunteer tutors, and parents to address and remedy these problems;
  • To promote family engagement in their children’s academic and artistic journey;
  • To instill in our students the habits of civic engagement, and to build community through engagement with the arts;
  • To provide a safe and welcoming space—a community within a community—that fosters joy, friendship, and aspiration, as students are encouraged to explore their potential through music.