Our First Two Days in Guatemala

Our first two days in Guatemala have been incredible!  We have been working with the International Union Musical de Pastores and,

while we have spent many hours learning about Guatemalan marimba traditions and techniques, listening to the sounds of native instruments including the marimba and flute, and rehearsing and performing new repertoire, it hardly seems like work. The musicians here have an indescribable passion.

We have been treated with enormous warmth and hospitality, from sharing music to sharing a traditional meal of homemade tamales on Thanksgiving eve. We are, indeed, thankful for our new friendships and eager to share our newfound knowledge of native instrumentation, music traditions and culture. Our colleagues at the Union Musical are eager to work with INTAKE to bring traditional music for native instrumentation back to the United States, and recognize the importance of our project to continuing their legacy and traditions. We are looking forward to continuing and expanding the cultural exchange we have begun here in Pastores and Antigua.

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