International Women’s Day in Nicaragua! 

Since 2011 INTAKE has been celebrating women in the arts trough a concert on International Women’s day. A lot of our audiences in the United States were not aware of this important date of the influence of women composers, performers, and artists.

Today, we have the privilege of being “international” on this date and to be traveling with our INTAKE Ensemble in Nicaragua specifically to promote awareness on some of these issues through the lens is culture and education.
Kristen Graves, the 15th Connecticut State troubadour has just joined our ensemble as artist ambassador delegation. Her composition “The Connecticut Song” is now being sung by our Grand Community Choir in Central America initiative, which aims to bring people from Nagarote, Nicaragua closer together and exposed to artists from the United States and our home state of Connecticut.
Every little kid in Nicaragua knew that March 8Th was international women’s day. Some of them knew that there are women composers and they have their own Katia Cardenal as one of the leading female composers from Nicaragua.
Today we look forward to playing repertoire by women composers at our partner’s centers of Nica Photo and the Norwalk and Nagarote sister City project.
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