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Today was a tremendous day for The Sister City Project of Norwalk/Nagarote. The Sister City Project of Norwalk/Nagarote is a partnership between the people of Nagarote, Nicaragua and the Greater Norwalk Area of Connecticut that focuses on sustainable community development and breaking the cycle of poverty for the most disadvantaged children in Nagarote. Today we celebrated with them their completed twenty-nine successful years of partnership!


At Norwalk City Hall the honorable Harry Rilling, Mayor of Norwalk, spoke thoughtfully on how the Sister City project has not only benefited Norwalk but as well has helped the people of Nagarote by giving them the ability to become self-sustainable. They have implemented projects in Nagarote that have built a community center, provided small business loans and expanded the after school and preschool programs. Today, the mayor expressed the continued success of the Sister City Project and how since its founding there has been a sharp drop in drug and alcohol abuse, the elimination of teen gangs and a significantly reduced rate of teen pregnancy. Not only that but it has provided hundreds of severely disadvantaged Nagarote children with scholarships from preschool through college. Through their efforts, the Sister City project has built an imperative international relationship that encompasses friendship, peace and understanding.

We were able to celebrate with them today by showing them a glimpse of what is to come in March 2016 in the planned delegation of a cultural exchange with Nagarote. After his speech, Rilling and other members of the community enjoyed the musical talents of our very own instructors Angelica Durrell and Carlos Boltes. At the Mayor’s Gallery in city hall Durrell and Boltes played “Credo” by Carlos Mejía Godoy, a famous Nicaraguan musician and composer. Durrell played the violin while Boltes brought some cultural influence with the charango. We were happy to be involved in this wonderful event and can’t wait until the delegation to come.

The Sister City project has had many delegations of visitors to Nagarote that has involved getting more people to know about their projects and now in partnership with INTAKE, they’ll have their first cultural exchange of classical music and native instruments. We are happy to announce that we will be headed to Nicaragua in March of 2016 with the Sister City project with support by the U.S embassy in Nicaragua to build a cultural interchange with the community of Nagarote. This exchange will include educational musical workshops, an International Women’s Day concert and more!!!


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