Four new interns from Fairfield University!

I decided to share an informal blog announcement about our latest partnership with Fairfield University. As someone who deals with the day-to-day front and back-end aspects of the INTAKE Organization, I have always wanted to find expert and professional support in areas that we need the most.

As of last month, I met with a professor from Fairfield University and learned about their ‘Service Learning’ programs: it’s MORE than an internship, as it brings a real-life and committed experience to the student as well as a useful and meaningful contribution to a selected organization.

One student comes from their Masters in Finance program, and three other students come from their Masters in Engineering school. The great different is that we are now developing a IT strategy as well as overseeing our finances in a more systematic way.

What an improvement to our operations and effectiveness this has been and will be for the months to come!

I am eager to share these news with our supporters, members, and families, and extremely grateful to have met socially-conscious and committed professors and students from Fairfield University.

*More news coming along so stay posted!

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