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La fecha limite para inscribirse y entregar los materiales es el 30 de Junio.
Por favor re-envie estos formularios por email o contáctenos con cualquier pregunta:
Angie Durrell 203-952-3762 , angie@intakemusic.org .
Registrations for our Summer Camp 2016 are now open!
Deadline to register and submit materials is June 30th.
Please email forms or contact Angie Durrell,
with any questions. 203-952-3762 , angie@intakemusic.org .
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To provide quality music education through the use of native instruments including the charango, marimba, and native percussion, as well as classical violin and viola, and voice, instilling skills, such as focus and discipline, that foster improved academic performance and self-esteem in opportunity youth.


60 students, ages 5 to 16, from Stamford, Norwalk, Danbury, and Bridgeport communities, including one adult class.
10 hours of programming per week.


Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Stamford, our site partners.
The Norwalk Youth Symphony is our symphonic partner for Annual Gala concert featuring our students.


Our program takes place at the Unitarian Universalist Society premises, located at 20 Forest Street, in downtown Stamford. Built in 1820, this historical landmark for residents and visitors has never before been used for a cross-cultural and music education program. this music and culture-based initiative in the midst of rapid gentrification process of Stamford’s downtown and south-end harbor area, this partnership is essential in supporting a more sustainable infrastructure for the arts and making them accessible to the greater community.



Carlos Boltes. Charango, viola
Angelica Durrell. Violin
Maria Luisa Criollo. Singing instructor
Silvia Sforza. Vocal coach


  1. Provide access to music education.
  2. Improve English literacy.
  3. Increase family involvement in education. Improve academic performance.
  4. Foster cultural pride and self-confidence.
  5. Create a unique ensemble integrating native and classical instrumentation.


Over 6,000 audience members in attendance at events throughout Fairfield and New Haven counties.


Tuition free or minimal.
100% of students receive need based scholarships.