Timpani Friends

Timpani Friends will be acknowledged in the upcoming concert Program Booklet and receive 2 VIP ticket to upcoming concert.


Bongoes Patrons Circle

Bongoes Patrons Circle will receive an original souvenir picture from INTAKE Ensemble members and 4 VIP tickets to upcoming concert.


Snare Drum Artists Circle

Snare Drum Artists will receive 5 VIP tickets to upcoming concert and invitation for private post-concert reception.


Bombo Sponsor

Bombo Sponsors will receive 8 tickets and Honorable mention at upcoming concert. Plus, a dedication of a musical selection performed by INTAKE Ensemble members.


Djeme Directors Circle

Djembe Directors Circle will receive 10 VIP tickets and sponsor an instrument featured in our upcoming concert. Plus, honorable mention in our yearlong programming.



Taiko Producers Circle

Taiko Producers Circle will receive 20 VIP tickets at upcoming concert. Your support will enable 2 students from the INTAKE Native Instrument Academy to achieve their potential in music and perform at our upcoming concert with the INTAKE Ensemble.