Debut Concert in Stamford, CT

Maestro James Moss loads up 25
DJEMBE DRUMS (from the African
diaspora. To be played by ALTA-INTAKE
students at today’s concert.
Yerwood Center’s volunteer
helped INTAKE Native Instrument
Academy set up all the music stands
and chairs for the weekly

Today is the day– our first graduating class from the INTAKE Native Instrument Academy will be giving their first concert in the City of Stamford, Connecticut.

Native instruments from South America
North America, and Africa. 

Their ages rage from 15-18 and for some of them, this will be their first time playing classical music in a native instrument! On the repertoire is: Pachebel’s Canon, Movie Thriller, and a percussion routine on African percussion instruments.

The INTAKE Organization is pleased to have worked with this talented and committed students, as part of the ALTA Program, in partnership with the Stamford Public Schools and the Yerwood Center. Visit out blog and our website in the next few days to check out more about their debut concert in Stamford!

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