Day 3: Smoking Volcanos in Guatemala!

This morning we drove through the scenic countryside past smoking volcanoes and fields dedicated to growing coffee and sugar cane.

All the while, we had running through our heads the songs we learned in Pastores, songs that are not written on paper, but passed from generation to generation, and kept in one’s head and one’s heart.


We arrived at the Escuela Santa Catalina La Gomera, Escuintla for a day of outreach with Señorita Belleza Latina de Connecticut, Vanesa San Andrés, and were greeted by four hundred smiling and cheering students, the mayor, the principal and teachers. The school had even created a banner in our honor! Vanesa presented the principal with money she raised for improving the school, and we brought clothing and toys for the children. Of course we performed on charango, violin, guitar, accordion and keyboard as the children sang cheered and clapped along. We even performed a piece we learned in Pastores, entitled “Guatemala”. The children were eager to speak with us and have their photos taken. Although our hearts were full, we wished we could to more for the children of Gomera and vowed to return in the future.

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