Daniel Isaia

Daniel Isaia 
Social Venture Partners

Prior to entering real estate, Daniel honed his sales, service and marketing skills in the retail and international distribution of luxury brands, as well as successfully developing and marketing numerous real estate residential projects in Europe, Latin America, Florida and New York.

Daniel was born in Paris, France. After a successful sales and marketing career, he moved with his family to the USA in 1994. Since then he has spent the past twenty years successfully creating enterprises and building an extensive network of friends, investors and business relations.

What makes Daniel so effective is his vision for space, and his understanding of the unique needs of buyers, sellers and renters, and his gift for bringing together a successful deal that satisfies every party involved. He believes a good broker should be an excellent listener, able to intuitively translate his client’s needs into reality, and a resourceful, creative thinker who provides the best real estate solutions possible. As a longtime property owner and investor, he appreciates the value potential of real estate, as well as the emotional side of buying or selling a home.

Daniel now resides with his wife on the Upper West Side. This quiet neighborhood reminds him a lot of the European lifestyle.