Clodomiro Falcón

Clodomiro Falcón
Spanish American
Merchants Association.
New Haven, CT

Clodomiro plays the Venezuela cuatro, guitar and mandolin. He was born in Barquisimeto, known as the music capital of Venezuela. He grew up listening to the melodies that he continuously performs. At age 8, his mother taught him his first «Cuatro» lessons, a typical Venezuelan instrument with four strings. Soon after, his father and other family members contributed to his learning of other instruments like the guitar, mandolin, harp and maracas.

From elementary school until college, he gained experience in Venezuelan popular genres and rhythms. He moved to the United States in 1986 and brought his musical background, which he has shared with the community. As founder and director of ‘Dueto Serenata’ and groups ‘Alma Latina’, ‘Alma Llanera’, ‘Asoven Ritmo y foklore’ and ‘Asoven Gaitero’. He composed «Fiesta en Norwalk,” a popular hymn that is sung annually by Venezuelans as they hoist the national flag at the Heritage Wall.