BOOKS WANTED! Building INTAKE’s Reference Library.

About a week ago, the INTAKE Organization acquired a new bookcase for its “Reference Library”. The intention is for these books to strengthen our mission and knowledge about native instuments, classical music, and communities in diaspora–but also, be a teaching tool for the students at the INTAKE Native Instrument Academy. 

Three books that have arrived are of great inspiration and evidence that immigrant communities love classical music and would feel very proud of expressing and sharing the richness of their cultures through their native instruments and their own “rhythms”. 

Such were the cases for “Uncommon rhythm”, written by INTAKE Organization’s Honorary Board member Aaron Dworkin, and “The rhythm of success” by Cuban-American entrepreneur, Emilio Estefan. 
As a young African-american, Dworkin felt the need of increasing minority musicians’ presence in symphony orchestras and in the classical-music scene– mission that led him to found the Sphinx Organization and promoting diversity in classical music! 

Likewise, Emilio Estefan tells his story of how a Cuban boy saved his family and achieved “The American Dream” of starting various successful enterprises in the United States. Estefan himself is an innovator, and he began his “Latin-Anglo” fusion with a native instrument: the accordion!  For him, obtaining a “Green Card” and “North American Citizenship” was a challenge, and something that motivated him to work harder day-by-day. He takes great pride in being an American and also tracing his roots to Latin America. “Green Card Stories” is about 23 successful professionals who are currently living in the United States’ diaspora . 

As INTAKE’s Reference Library grows, and we come across more exciting books, we will be sure to keep you posted! Also, feel free to comment on our current acquirements and daily posts/operations! 
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