Harman Introduces INTAKE to Audio Production

Two weeks prior to our annual gala concert, our friends from Harman invited us to the Palace Theatre in Stamford, where some of our students had the chance to watch a really interesting documentary about the incredible impact that file compression has over the quality of music. This documentary titled “Distortion of Sound” featured impressive testimonials from mainstream music giants like Snoop Dog, Slash and Quincy Jones. We highly recommend it for anyone interested on the very hard work that involves professional sound production.

After watching this great documentary, our students were able to interact with Mr. Dinesh Paliwal, CEO of Harman. We could not be more grateful for the time he shared with us, his wonderful words of encouragement and the interest he showcased on INTAKE all throughout. Both Mr. Paliwal and Stamford Mayor David Martin both enjoyed performances by our INTAKE youth ensemble, who additionally, had the chance to watch a professional audio engineer work his magic on a professional sound board.

All of us form INTAKE are incredibly grateful to Harman for inviting us to play Live, on the Harman Stage and hosting us at the Stamford Palace Theatre. It was a perfect way to introduce our music students to the wonderful realm of audio production. Our big thank you goes to Ms. Caroline Moore for her hospitality and to Mr. Paliwal for providing INTAKE with a wonderful ONYX wireless/bluetooth speaker by Harman/Kardon that we will make excellent use during our Native Instrument Academy sessions. Each of the students who attended this wonderful meet up with Harman also received an individual JBL speaker which they are all enjoying