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INTAKE Native Instrument Academy visits “Escuela Mi Pais”
at Christopher Columbus Academy in New Haven, CT.
Over 40 students of all ages and cultural backgrounds
were exposed to classical music through their own native
instruments. While they could all hum Mozart’s “Eine Kleine
Nacktmusik”, only a couple had attended a classical music concert
or played an instrument before. 

Trumpet virtuoso Arturo Sandoval appears at the Ridgefield
Playhouse. Sandoval played classics from jazz and
Cuban music to an auditorium of mixed audiences from
various communities in diaspora.

Alturas Duo and New Haven Chorale: This versatile ensemble
can perform a Bach Minuet as well as a traditional South American
tune on their native and classical instrumentation: charango,
guitar, and viola.

Diverse audiences that truly reflect our society experienced
classical music in its traditional form
as well as through the “voices” of their own and of other cultures.   

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